38 Spesh & Benny The Butcher Team Up On New Track “Stash Box”

38 Spesh & Benny The Butcher Stash Box

38 Spesh and Benny The Butcher teamed up on the new track “Stash Box”. They reveal the various struggles that they and others like them are experiencing. Relationship struggles are exposed as they touch on the tangled dance of street life and family life. Painful wounds are also reopened as they look back on some of the close ones that they have lost. Even with their success, the cold world of the streets is never far away and they must be prepared for all that comes with it. 

The beat reminds me of something inspired by The Heatmakerz, who had their rise in notoriety working with Dip Set in the 2000’s. The sped up and pitched up vocals bring a street soul sound as 38 Spesh and Benny pour out over the track.

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