Action Bronson Drops New Album “Only For Dolphins”

Action Bronson Only For Dolphins

Action Bronson may not appear to be as ‘in your face’ with music as he used to be, but he’s steady dropping projects year after year. He’s been embracing other art forms like visual art and other business ventures that have kept him busy, but not too far from the mic that made him who he is today. The Queens emcee released a new album “Only For Dolphins”. A title like this is right up the alley for his boundless artistic pursuits. He previously released the tracks “Golden Eye” and “Latin Grammys” from the project.

Actions is in his element, providing listeners with his visually descriptive lyrics that paint a vivid picture of the world he has created.There are 12 tracks on the album with features from Meyhem Lauren, Young Mehico and Hologram. There are less features than most projects, but it means more Action for his hungry fans. You will notice the dolphin theme strategically woven thought out the project, adding yet another touch of artistic flare.

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