Action Bronson Releases New Album “Blue Chips 7000”

Finally, after releasing tracks “The Chairman’s Intent”, “Let Me Breathe”, “Durag vs Headband” and most recently “9-24-7000” Action Bronson’s highly anticipated new album “Blue Chips 7000” is now upon us. The aforementioned tracks are all on the new project. Features come from his homeboys Mayhem Lauren, Big Body Bes as well as Rick Ross and Jah Tiger. If you’re a fan of Action’s hit TV show “Fuck That’s Delicious” you will remember him linking up with reggae artist Jah Tiger in Jamaica and creating a track with him. Once I heard Jah Tiger on the hook on “Hot Pepper” it immediately took me back to that episode. Action stays true to his style on the LP and gives his fans a more polished version of what they can expect from the Queens emcee. Make sure you check this out.

Check out the tracklist below.

1. “Wolfpack”
2. “La Luna”
3. “The Chairman’s Intent”
4. “Hot Pepper” Feat. Meyhem Lauren and Jah Tiger
5. “Bonzai”
6. “Let It Rain”
7. “My Right Lung”
8. “TANK” Feat. Big Body Bes
9. “Let Me Breathe”
10. “9-24-7000″ Feat. Rick Ross
11. “The Choreographer”
12. “Chop Chop Chop”
13. “Durag Vs. Headband” Feat. Big Body Bes

You can purchase on iTunes.
Listen on Spotify.


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