Album Review: CJ Fly “Fly Trap”

Pro Era member CJ Fly has released an LP recently titled “Flytrap”. It’s his second album and takes you into the mind of CJ.

Get Me – CJ starts off the album introducing himself in a way. He lets us in, telling us what he is all about. He adds a vocal sample of his mother saying how hard she worked to send him to private school and him dropping out of college. After all this, she still supports her son’s dreams of making a career in Hip Hop. He shows where his drive comes from (the support of family and those who love him). This sets the tone for the rest of the project. CJ is focused on making amazing music. It’s time to listen and find out.

Harder – CJ goes into detail about how things were much, much worse than things are now for minorities in the US. Slavery and other institutional systems have oppressed people for a very long time. He says:

“You think you got it bad, they had it harder.”

The new generation needs to complain less and learn about what happened in the past. A little history lesson from CJ.

Idgaf – I like the strings sampled on this. It starts off slow and creates a cinematic vibe. CJ’s flow speeds up, which gives the track a nice bounce when combined with the speedy drums.

Perennial – The high pitched sample, carrying the melody sounds great with the beefy drum kicks. CJ wants to be perennial, to have longevity as an artist. He raps about all the fly clothes and shoes he had an how important that was when he was younger. Now he focuses more on helping people through his music.

Lethal Allure  -CJ slows it down on this one. He gets really melodic with his flow, blurring the lines between Hip Hop and RnB. He is speaking to the ladies, showing his smooth, romantic side in his own unique way.

Get It Done – He speeds it back up, contrasting from the last track. The drums hit quicker as he stays current with the style of the beat. Devontée rhymes slower compared to CJ, giving it another dimension.

Dope – He steps up with a smokers anthem. CJ switches up his flow, keeping the speed of his delivery of each syllable the same. The flow slows down on the chorus, mixing it up nicely. Definitely a track to get smoked out to.

Always/Confused – He really slows down the flow on this, moving at a snails pace. He does this while still rocking with the minimalist beat. The softer drums wrapped around a simple piano melody work really well together. Part way through, you hear some words of wisdom, possibly from his father. I like when there is substance and food for thought in music.

Like The Beatles – The track starts off with a candid conversation with CJ and some of his boys about his music. It gives the track a more intimate feel. He wants to be big in music “Like The Beatles” and has dreamed about musical stardom since he was a kid. Some insight on why he grinds so hard. The beat is on the simplistic side and fits well with the theme of the track.

Now You Know – He is speaking to those that aren’t in his life right now. They didn’t believe in him, and now they know. They messed up and now CJ has no time for them. He’s moving forward and not looking in his rear-view. He hopes they are listening because this is for them. The beat has a darker tone which suits the lyrical content.

Living The Life – The beat has a slower vibe and has some echoing background vocals that are faint, yet distinctive. He is “Living The Life” and enjoying things as they come.

Vibrations – Another slower beat that has some obscure samples. It gives the track an eerie vibe. He goes back and forth between the negative and positive vibrations that he gets form others. The negative and positive can affect us all. He’s choosing to let the positive in.

Diamonds – CJ wants us to keep shining. We are all diamonds and all have beauty (inner and outer) that we need to share with the world. A very uplifting track, and a great way to end things.

CJ has put together a solid body of work that spans different emotions. He lets us in personally, showing us what he has gone through, revealing what drives him to bring his dreams to a reality. CJ experiments with his flow and shows his lyrical versatility.

Listen and purchase “Fly Trap” on iTunes.

Also listen On Spotify.

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