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Skyzoo MFMF

Brooklyn MC, Skyzoo has a new project. His third solo album is called “Music For My Friends”. I like the album title. It’s simple and hit’s the heart of all artists. Don’t we all just want to make1 music for our friends?

It starts out with a young kid talking about this being a story about him and his friends. He’s speaking directly to you so it gets you in a story telling mind frame. The album cover is really cool. It’s a picture of some kids chillin on a stoop. A visual of the intro Skyzoo takes you through.

This album has the feel of NY with strong drums and samples throughout. Some of the peeps responsible for the production are Illmind, Thelonious Martin, Jahill Beats and Skyzoo himself.

City-mate Jadakiss adds some serous bars on “See a Key”. Skyzoo and Kiss bring you through the mind of someone deep in the game. The game is on your mind 24/7. They let you know what takes to survive in it The outro is cool as well. The next thing you now you feel like you’re in a small piano bar in New York sipping on some scotch after last call.

The vocal side of The Roots, Black Thought is on “Money Makes Us Happy”. You can’t go wrong with Black Thought. He’s one of my favorite MC’s and he’s smooth on this track. The song looks deeper at the idea that money make us happy. Different perspectives are shown on this timeless topic. It has a smooth Jazz vibe that I’m feeling.

“Women Who Can Cook” is one of my favorite songs on the album. Dope sample, looped perfectly. Shout out to Thelonious Martin on this one. If you’re a food lover, you’ll feel this. It paints a picture of some good eats. I can hear Action Bronson on this with his culinary prowess on the mic. (Can you say remix?!?)

I like how Skyzoo has his friends do intros to some of the some songs. It helps solidify the “Music For My Friends” feel. It keeps it personal and makes you feel a part of his world.

This album is a complete piece of work. it has a theme and a common vibe that you can tell Skyzoo worked hard to establish and maintain. Skyzoo has done NY proud.

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