Album Review “We Are The Aliens” – iLLvibe & Myer Clarity

iLLvibe and Myer Clarity have released their album “We Are The Aliens”. They duo have worked together before but this is their first major project together.

The intro is dope. It gets you in the right headspace to take a ride through space and the abstract.

UFO – Raw energy from the jump. iLLvibe’s words are very descriptive and paint a vivid picture of the world that he is opening us up to.

Down To Earth – iLLvibe gets melodic on the hook. Showing the versatility to play in various musical sandboxes. Myer Clarity starts the beat with some shakers that will make you move, and he keeps that groove using different sounds.

Accelerated – This track has a rock vibe with a Hip Hop twist. It’s also danceable and will get you moving.

Gullible – Myer uses some ambient sounds to give the track an open void, space vibe. iLLvibe gets boastful, flexing his lyrical prowess.

Come To Far – iLLvibe has come too far to give up. It took hard work to get to the point where he is in music. There is always pressure to pack it in, get a regular job and do something more stable. This track gives hope and motivation to anyone grinding and trying to make their dreams a reality. You’ve come this far, so don’t stop, keep pushing and you’ll get there.

Fugyea – It’s a feel good track that you can play when you’re not feeling at your best and need help bringing up your spirits. Bump this and yell “Fugyea”! This will no doubt get a crowd chanting. The alien voice woven through the track keeps the theme of the album strong.

3rd Rock From The Sun – They get into storytelling mode. iLLvibe raps about extraterrestrials. The perspective of an alien, foreign to our world is expressed. The cool baseline carries the melody with snapping drums. I like how Clarity switches up the beat.

Batshit Crazy – This track has a live band feel. It has a darker vibe than some of the other tracks. iLLvibe takes you into a harsh, volatile relationship. It’s something a lot of us can relate to. The conversational flow that iLLvibe uses is really cool and enhances the concept, bringing the listener deeper into the universe of the track. It brings me back to Eminem’s track “Stan”.

The Plug – They follow up with another track with a darker feel. It’s a smoker’s anthem, something you can sit back, light up to and enjoy.

Redlight – The tempo is fast and the rhymes keep up with the pace. They go into depth about going out and having a late night, spending money and indulging on what the night has to offer.

Legends – They bring back the classic boom bap, Hip Hop feel. iLLvibe gets more aggressive, taking shots at all comers. Hip Hop heavyweight Skyzoo is featured, delivering New York grittiness to the track. Dope scratching is incorporated, adding another vital element of Hip Hop.

Boom Box – iLLvibe gets melodic on this one. A slower pace closes out the project. The beat switches up to something more organic and raw with drums that sound like hands pounding on percussive objects.

iLLvibe and Myer Clarity put together a well-rounded, body of work. The album is very eclectic, using different sounds and genres, but still keeping it Hip Hop. The spaced out, intergalactic, alien theme is cohesively presented throughout. This project has something for everyone, from the backpacker Hip Hop enthusiast, to the high energy dance floor addict.

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