Beanie Sigel Goes At Meek Mill On 2 Diss Tracks

It’s surprising how a beef between The Game and Meek Mill has spurred into a full on beef with Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill. What started from a chain snatching incident involving Sean Kingston and some alleged snitching by Meek on The Game’s entourage has now pit 2 of Philly’s most beloved emcees against each other. After the Game released “92 Bars” and “Pest Control”, taking shots at Meek, the drama got heavier. Beanie Sigel mentioned in an interview that he wrote some some the lyrics on the Meek Mill’s diss track “Ooouuu Remix” where Beanie raps on the track as well. Meek and his Dreamchasers crew took offense to this and Sigel got punched out backstage at the Bad Boy Reunion concert by Dreamchaser Teefy Bey.

Well that must have been the last draw for Beans. He has released 2 tracks going at Meek. He first released “I’m Coming” where he gets violent using street lyrics and the street code to let Meek know where this situation can go if it needs to. There is no fear and he comes across as being serious and is letting Meek know that this is real beef, not something done for publicity.

A day later Beans reloaded and dropped “Good Night” getting more personal saying Meek is ungrateful for what he has done for Philly Hip Hop, paving the way for “youngins” like Meek. Beanie isn’t holding back on this track, letting everyone know how he feels. He wants respect and he’ll take it if it is not given to him. He starts the track breaking down who he lives for (family and friends) and the struggle that he has gone through from being young to becoming a man. Then goes in on how Meek doesn’t know the real struggle and is an impostor, not living what he writes. It was a smart way to build up the tone of the track. By showing his struggle early on, it makes his later rhymes that are directed at Meek more aggressive. It comes across as more genuine and shows that Beans is not playing around. He chooses his words carefully and wants them to sink in.

It seems like Meek has been the target for beef for one reason or another for some time now. Since last summer’s tussle with him and Drake he has been a target. As far as public opinion most feel like Drake came out on top and because of this I think other emcees aren’t backing down form any confrontation with him. For some it can been seen as an easy way to got at someone with a high profile and generate buzz for yourself. I don’t think Beans is doing this, as he is responding to what has been to done him. I think it will give him more notoriety but that’s not why he took action.

Because of this, don’t be surprised if other rappers start kicking up dust at Meek, trying to lure him into beef and ride on his wave of success and popularity.

What do you this of Beanie’s diss tracks? Should Meek respond?

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