Check Out Benny The Butcher’s “Tiny Desk” Concert

Benny The Butcher NPR Tiny Desk Home Concert
Benny The Butcher plays a Tiny Desk (Home) concert.

NPR is still holding down their “Tiny Desk” series where artists perform their music. COIVD has changed things, so instead of cramming artists in a tiny office, they get to do it in the comfort of their own home. Black Thought did one of these performances earlier.

This time, Grisleda’s Benny The Butcher grabbed the mic and set up shop in his home for the concert. He was joined by Rick Hyde and Heem who perform the track “Da Mob”. Check out the set list below:

  • “Crown for Kings”
  • “Rubber Bands & Weight”
  • “Da Mob” (feat. Rick Hyde and Heem)
  • “Cruiser Weight Coke”
  • “5 to 50”

NPR have really been changing their image, moving from a one dimensional media outlet focusing on the older generation and the academic crowd. I really can’t believe that they came from that, to Geriselda and Benny’s gritty, aggressive street talk. This is one of those situations where I stop and realize how far Hip Hop has come.


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