Dan-e-o Drops New Track “Worth All The Hurt” Ft. Xentury

Dan-e-o Ft Xentury Worth All The Hurt

Dan-e-o is back with a new track Worth All the Hurt featuring Xentury. The skillful emcee uses his lyrical abilities to open up a conversation on art and the music business. These two forces are moving in different directions, making it difficult for artists to navigate and achieve some financial ends to their musical means. 

Blood bleeds through Dan-e-o’s pen as he expresses his hunger and dedication to his art. He discusses the prevailing struggle that artists endure trying to create music in their fashion, while the mainstream industry pushes a whole other agenda. Rap with substance and lyrical integrity rarely gets the love that it deserves. The mainstream industry seems to reward those with little respect for the art form. This must be a struggle that many artists go through. Dan-e-o opens up personally, letting the listener know how this affects him from his perspective.

Xentury pours even more emotion into the track with her super soulful vocals. 

Check Dan-e-o’s track that he dropped last month Born To Be with Pearl Gates and Wordsworth.

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