Dan-e-o Links Up With Pearl Gates & Wordsworth On New Track “Born To Be”

Dan-e-o Born To Be

Dan-e-o has connected with fellow lyricists Pearl Gates and Wordsworth on the new track “Born To Be”. It’s the first single from his forthcoming album “The Day It All Changed”, which is set to drop October 4th via URBNET.

The emcees skillfully speak to the younger generation, urging them to stay positive and believe in themselves in a world that does not support or show them their true value or significance.
Dan-e-o uses the perfect flow to take aim at Donald Trump and his racist and divisive actions. He skillfully takes you on a time travelling ride to before Trump, and the world as it currently is. The message is strong as he speaks to his young child in rhyme form, evoking the emotion of a father who wants the best for his kid.
Pearl Gates peels back the intricate layers of the state of inner cities and the struggle that it takes for residents to succeed.
Wordsworth touches on the harsh fate that minorities face, including jail and even death, just because of the colour of their skin.
Production came from Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz who uses some speedy drums, and groovy bass to create a sound that will keep you moving and locked in to the clever wordplay from each emcee.
The track unveils the harsh realities of the world that we live in, while providing the hope and optimism that we can change things for the better. It’s up to us.

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