Dan-e-o Releases New Short Film For Track “Vertebrae”

Dan-e-o Vertebrae

Dan-e-o has released an amazing short film to accompany his track “Vertebrae”, from his album “The Day It All Changed”. It was directed and edited by VSOP Films, in association with Fred E Fame. This is much more than just a music video, as there is a storyline that coincides with the track perfectly.

The setting is the summer of 2029 and a young man comes to Dan-e-o’s home to take out his precious teenage daughter. Fathers can relate to this. As the young love birds spend time together, papa Dan-e-o appears at different points, showing that he’s always there to protect his little girl. It adds a light-hearted, comedic touch.

Dan-e-o’s masterful wordplay breaks down the struggles that a father can go through raising their children into mature adults. He expresses the critical balance of being over-protective and allowing space for them to be their own person. 

Great track and video with a timeless theme and message.

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