David Strickland Links Up With EPMD & Saukrates On New Track “Armed & Dangerous”

Grammy award winner and producer David Strickland has released a new track titled “Armed & Dangerous”. He has enlisted Hip Hop heavyweights EPDM and Saukrates. SWith Strickland on the production, the hard hitting drums go well with the triumphant horns, producing a dope track that you can really vibe to. Saukrates takes care of the hook adding his smooth melodic vocals. EPMD hits us with clever wordplay, letting everyone know they haven’t lost a step. I’ve been a big fan of EPMD for a long time, and Saukrates is one of my favorite emcees and producers. It’s a great combination to have them collaborate with the great musical presence that is David Strickland. The track is from his upcoming album “Spirit Of Hip Hop”. He has also released new tracks “Rez Life” and “Window”.

Listen to “Armed & Dangerous” below.

I had a chance to interview David Strickland as well and hear more about his new music and what he is all about. Check it out here.

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