Did Joey Bada$$ Cancel Shows After Staring At The Eclipse?

– @joeybadass, instagram

The recent eclipse that parts of the world were lucky enough to see was quite the event, and had social media in a frenzy. It seemed like everywhere you heard about it, there was the cautionary warning not to look directly at it without protective sunglasses. Well it looks like New York rapper Joey Bada$$ decided to disregard this, and flaunted the fact on Twitter.



After playing with the sun’s power, it looks like it may have affected his eyesight as he has cancelled 3 upcoming shows on the tour he is on for Logic’s “Everybody Tour” in Cleveland, Chicago and Toronto.


He has not completely explained why, but it seems like staring directly at the eclipse has caused it. The glasses that he is wearing in a recent Instagram post were prescribed by a doctor, which he has to wear in the daytime. All signs point to his careless actions causing the show cancellations.


Doc said I gotta keep these on in the daytime now…. a lil annoying but they’re pretty fire

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