Ellevan Unifies The Masses On New Track “We The People”

Ellevan We The People

Ellevan is back with a new track “We The People”. The Toronto based emcee uses his lyrical skillset to unify us in this where many are trying to divide us. We are seeing protests and civil unrest all over the world due to injustices that the black community is facing. Ellevan wants to untied us all, not just those that are part of the community, but everyone of all races and background.

He has the pulse of the people in mind with every line he raps. We are fed up with how things are and together we will use love to change the world.

It’s time to stand up for all injustice, especially with what is happening to the black and other under represented communities. Let this track help keep the fire burning to keep the going. This is what Hip Hop is all about. Positive changes in our community.

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