Eminem Releases New Freestyle “Kick Off”

Eminem is still working after his album “Kamikaze” was released recently. His hunger for rhymes is still strong. He has released a new freestyle “Kick Off”. It is in video form, with Slim Shady at the Shelter at St. Andrew’s in Detroit, dishing out his lethal words. He brings back the essence of battle rap, showing his respect for the art.

He speaks on lots of different topics over the 11 minute freestyle. Too many to name, but he touches on the bombing at the Arianna Grande concert, Justin Bieber, and Dr. Dre for example.

Hip Hop fans that are into the current scene of more melodic flows over lyrics may not appreciate this. The skill of lyricism is a lost art in the current environment. Rhyming with no beat is difficult to pull off well. There is nowhere to hide. It’s only the emcee. No hot beat to get immersed in and draw attention away from the lyrics.

The video ends with Em sitting down, picking up a pen and getting back to writing more potent rhymes. The sign of a true emcee. Always working on their craft.

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