Es and DJ Pandamonium Release New Track “Connect & Create”

Es & DJ Pandamonium The Connected EP

Toronto emcee Es and UK producer DJ Pandamonium released a new track “Connect & Create”. This dope track kicks off with an eloquent breakdown of the essence of Hip Hop and what it means. It sets the tone for the track and what these 2 are all about. 

The message and substance of the track is very simple, yet frequently overlooked in today’s Hip Hop game. It’s not about the hype and flash, or the way the industry is so profit driven over the art form. If you have a passion for Hip Hop, just “Connect & Create”. Connect with people you like and respect from a musical standpoint and make music that comes naturally and organically. Es and DJ Pandamonium are perfect examples of practicing what they preach. The vast waters of the Atlantic Ocean didn’t stop them from connecting and creating.

Es displays some very impressive wordplay, taking as strong stance on the track. DJ Pandamonium makes the track bump and keeps your head nodding with some banging drums with that classic feel. 

More from Es on the track:

This was the first song written and recorded for this project. It set the tone for how the remaining songs would be approached. Panda and I connected on facebook shortly after COVID lockdowns started. Panda laced me with this banger. I got inspired to create. This was a fitting title.


“Connect & Create” will be on Es and DJ Pandamonium’s forthcoming album “The Connected EP”, which is set to drop Sept 22.

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