Fat Joe Says Biggie’s “I Got A Story To Tell” Was About Antony Mason

Fat Joe

Biggie is held in some of the highest regards when it comes to top MCs in Hip Hop. His ability to tell stories so vividly is one of the reasons. This is shown in his song “I Got A Story To Tell” from the last album he made “Life After Death”. Hip Hop heads who are familiar with this song have wondered who this song is actually about. Who was the Knicks player that he talks about being with his girl and that comes home unexpectedly?

Well the word is out now after Fat Joe came on the show “Highly Questionable” where host’s Bomani Jones and Dan Le Betard asked him about the origins of the song.

If you haven’t heard the song in a while, listen to it again and visualize former New York Knick Anthony Mason as Big tells his story. The song takes on a whole new life to it.

You can listen to it here on Spotify.

You can buy it on iTunes.

Check out the video here and see Fat Joe drop the bomb that everyone is now taking about.

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