Friday Flows: Shia LaBeouf

Yes that’s right… It’s not a typo. The popular actor Shia LaBeouf, known from his many movies including Transformers came through Sway’s Universe and spit some serious flows.

He’s a huge fan of Hip Hop, and has tattoos of some of his favorite emcees like Tupac, Biggie and Missy Elliot. Sway plays into to this, getting DJ Wonder to mix some beats from each of these legendary rappers. They also mix in a beat from a Cage song “Agent Orange”. I know Shia is a Cage fan as well which is most likely why they gave him it to rhyme on.

Actor or MC, Shia absolutely kills it. I was blown away hearing his rhymes. He can really flow and can hang with emcees that are doing this full-time.

There’s an extra freestyle from Oswin Benjamin after Shia’s freestyle. He kills it as well getting really lyrical, flexing his skills. There’s a part where the beat drops and he goes acapella. There’s no room for error with no beat to hide under, and Oswin shows and proves he belongs in upper echelon of emcees,

Peep it.

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