Futurewave Releases New Album “WAV.GOD”

Toronto producer extraordinaire Futurewave has undoubtedly contributed to the Hip Hop scene in his city, which has created ripples spreading to the rest of the culture. His production chops have been felt in the collective The Lost Info which he is a part of, his work in the group Grindhouse Project, the album “Epiphany: The Lost Project” with New York rapper Justo The MC and many many more. He has built a solid catalogue of music, keeping the true art and essence of the Hip Hop culture at the forefront.

This culmination of years of artful expression has brought forth the creation of his new album “WAV.GOD”. Production comes from Futurewave of course and he enlists a regiment of top notch emcees to provide the vocal aspects. Got Perrion, Raz Fresco, Mookie Jones, Nowaah the Flood, Asun Eastwood, Recognize Ali, Flashius Clayton, J Scienide, Daniel Son, Heem Stogied, Justo The MC, Hus Kingpin & Trace Motivate all appear on the project. 

You can listen and purchase this quality body of work at LostInfoMusic.com

Tracklist below.

  1. More Supply (Ft. Perrion)
  2. Cold Outside (Ft. Rez Fresco)
  3. Introspect (Ft. Cookie Jones)
  4. Another Bag (Ft. Nowaah The Flood)
  5. Powder (Ft. Asun Eastwood, Recognize Ali, Flashius Clayton, J Scienide)
  6. Interlude (Ft. Trace Motivate)
  7. Beetlejuice (Ft. Daniel Son)
  8. Paranoia Freestyle (Futurewave Remix) (Ft. Heem Stogied)
  9. Ignorance (Ft. Asun Eastwood)
  10. Red Supras (Ft. Justo)
  11. Gunn Runner (Ft. Hus Kingpin & Daniel Son)
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