Get Ready For A New Kool Keith Album

Kool Keith Feature Magnetic

Kool Keith has been showcasing his unique brand of Hip Hop for plenty of years now. There is, and will only be one Kool Keith. He’s too original and unpredictable to be imitated. I love this about Kool Keith. He’s real Hip Hop. No games or tricks to get mainstream appeal. He just does his own thing without regard for what’s hot or what style everyone is hopping on.

Dr. Octagon is going to drop an LP titled “Feature Magnetic” and it’s coming out September 16th. He’s enlisted the help of some monster MCs for the project. Rass Kass, Psycho Les, Bumpy Knuckles and MF Doom among others. Keith has also produced some tracks as well. I can’t wait to hear some new Kool Keith.

Check out the track list below:

1 Intro
2 Statocaster [ft. Godfather Don]
3 MC Voltron [ft. Craig G]
4 Super Hero [ft. MF DOOM]
5 World Wide Lamper [ft. B.A.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty]
6 Bragging Rights [ft. Psycho Les of the Beatnuts]
7 Girl Grab [ft. Necro]
8 Bonneville [ft. Mac Mall]
9 Tired [ft. Ed O.G.]
10 Cold Freezer [ft. Bumpy Knuckles]
11 Peer Pressure [ft. Slug of Atmosphere]
12 Life [ft. Sadat X]
13 Writers [ft. Ras Kass]
14 Cheesecake (Bonus Track)

You can pre-order and listen to one of the tracks “World Wild Lamper” on Bandcamp here.

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