GNL Zamba Writes A Powerful Letter On The Track “Dear Hiphop”

GNL Zamba Dear Hiphop

Ugandan rap icon GNL Zamba may be based in LA, but he’s is making big time waves in the Hip Hop world with his new track “Dear Hiphop”. There is a video for the track as well. This skillful emcee weaves in and out of his native language and English so effortlessly that you won’t even notice it.

You can really feel his love and passion for the genre. It bleeds out of every well placed lyric that he spits. He speaks on the origins and the elements that make up the art form and culture. You won’t only love the track, but you will learn and understand what Hip Hop is and what it means to this prolific emcee.

Hip Hop is universal and GNL Zamba is creating a truly unique offering for the masses to enjoy. Don’t sleep in GNL Zamba.  

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