Haf n’ haf & Lincoln Woods Drop Joint EP “Haf Pack Of Woods”

Toronto emcees Haf n’ haf and Lincoln Woods have collaborated on a new project “Haf Pack Of Woods”. Smokers will know the connection to the title and this is definitely something you can enjoy while inhaling some of your favourite greenery. It’s a potent 5 track EP for you to consume.

New Era Vintage – I love the “Soul Train” sample used at the start. The duo kick off the project with smooth, yet potent flows. They introduce the listener to the vibes that they’ll be rocking to for the rest of the project.

West End Monks – Haf n’ haf starts it off with a cool, wavy flow that you can’t help roll with. Lincoln Woods shoots out a rapid fire flow. They trade lines with masterful cohesiveness. The beat has a Dream Warriors vibe. More classic tune for your head top.

Nize It – The dusty drums and hypnotic melody bleed the essential sounds of Hip Hop. Haf and Woods lay down sharp verses effortlessly to go along with the laid back beat.

6 Below – An elegant piano melody starts off the track. They lightly sprinkle more smooth, buttery flows to complement the soulful vocals provided by byi. I’d love to hear this track played with a live band.

Rogue Wave – Haf n’ haf and Lincoln Woods get more aggressive and abrasive on this track. They big up their chests, confidently pumping out boastful rhymes with clever wordplay. A well placed hook ties their lethal rhymes together.

“Haf Pack Of Woods” is a high quality body of work that the true Hip Hop head will enjoy. There are tracks that you can get smoked out, or just chill and vibe out to. This is also contrasted by the duo getting braggadocios at times, flexing their monster lyrical muscle. They have the rare ability to mix silky smooth flows with mean lyrical ferocity. Dope throwback references are woven throughout the project such as Mortal Kombat and Digable Planets. The cryptic references alone will keep you listening multiple times. You’ll get more from each listen. Toronto is also shouted out multiple times. These men are unapologetically Toronto, representing the 6ix to the fullest.

Rich lyrical tapestry is woven throughout the organic, jazz influenced feel of the beats. It’s a truly dope combination that is hard to find these days.

Haf n’ haf and Lincoln Woods are bringing back the classic feel of Hip Hop, while adding enhanced and updated flows. The true essence of Hip Hop is uniquely captured on this EP. They’re not following the trap influenced wave that so many emcees are on. They’re creating their own wave, that will no doubt grow to tsunami proportions.

Sit back, open up this “Haf Pack Of Woods”, light up and let two of Toronto’s finest emcees take you on a smooth ride.

Listen below and purchase on iTunes here.


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