Happy New Year!

Happy to New Year to all the Hip Hop Authority fam. That includes you and everyone showing love and support. 2015 was another memorable year in Hip Hop. A lot of legends dropped albums and some up and comers stepped up and contributed as well. There’s been beef, some bomb freestyles and just straight up feats of lyricism. We lost some members of the culture and their contributions will be missed. Celebrated but not forgotten. The door to 2015 has closed and it’s time open up 2016 with a bang.

Let’s make 2016 another BIG year in Hip Hop! I appreciate your support and I look forward to delivering the best Hip Hop experience for Hip Hop Authority fans in 2016.

There’s lots of cool features, interviews and other content in the works for 2016. Stay tuned… Big tings are coming!!


DJ Sub-T

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