Hip-Hop Karaoke Toronto: Another Amazing Night Of Performances

Hip-Hop Karaoke Toronto is an institution in the city. Although the crew putting on these amazing events had a finale of types in February (no longer every month) with performances from HHK alumni and Pete Rock performing, it was time for them to set the city on fire with another installation.

Fans, supporters and performers pilled into Revival Bar (783 College St., Toronto) to get their fix of Hip Hop expression in it’s purest form.

More Or Les spun some dope music, getting the crown hyped for the upcoming performances.

It was time for the performances to start. Abdominal and More Or Les give the anxious crowd the run-down on the rules and how the evening will flow.

The performances were high-energy and exciting. The songs represented different styles of Hip Hop old and new. Everyone who stepped up brought it and represented the culture.


Shout out to the mother/daughter duo who killed it and really got the crowd into it.

The night finished off with more great music being spun by the DJs. Lots of classic Hip Hop that I hadn’t heard in a while that I loved to hear. You could tell that the crowd was really feeling it as well.

Another great night of Hip Hop with dope music and amazing performances. Shout out to all the performers who came through and an extra big ups to Abdominal and More Or Les for creating another night of exciting and inspiring experiences.

Make sure you come out to the next one.

More pics below:


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