Ice Cube Releases New Album “Everythangs Corrupt”

Ice Cube has stepped back into the Hip Hop arena, taking a break from movies and his basketball league to drop a new album. It’s titled “Everythangs Corrupt”. With a title like this, one would expect a fiery barrage against many large groups and institutions, and that is what you’ll find here.

Ice Cube is no stranger from speaking against the government, police and other groups. His work with NWA shed light on issues facing minorities. He’s taken this to a new level calling out the corruption in the world and letting everyone know that he’s ready to fight to make the world a better place. A strong militant stance and tone to the project makes this more Malcom X than Martin Luther King Jr.

Cube also takes on the state of Hip Hop and the mass abuse of pills and other drugs on the youth.

This album is like a mirror pointing at the world and the US specifically, exposing what’s wrong in the world.

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