iLLvibe Interview “We Are The Aliens”

Toronto rapper iLLvibe has linked up with Myer Clarity to release a new album titled “We Are The Aliens”, which dropped today, June 9th. I had a chance to chop it up with iLLvibe and talk about all things Hip Hop, before he headed out on a European tour.

We touched on a lot of different things, getting in depth on his new album with Myer Clarity.

He spoke on his experiences touring all over the world and the importance of having an international following, rocking crowds in Western Europe and many spots in the US.

The duo are really excited to finally put out their project after a lot of hard work and dedication. iLLy also goes into detail on the experimental nature of the project, why they went this route and the headspace they were while creating.

iLLvibe also goes into detail on how him and Myer linked up, and their one of a kind synergy. They truly have a chemistry that is unique and unmatched in the Hip Hop world.

They had a chance to work with legendary Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo on the track “Legends” and iLLvibe gives us a glimpse of what it’s like working with him.

Fans who know iLLvibe will get to know more about him and those new to him will get their world opened to this talented and creative artist.

Listen to the interview below.

Album “We Are Aliens” out now.

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@iLLvibemusic on Twitter

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Connect with Myer Clarity:

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