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Northern Power Summit 2019 30

Northern Power Summit is a two-day urban music conference that took place from August 16th – 17th in Toronto at the Artscape Sandbox and Supermarket. Conference programming included interactive conference discussions with music industry professionals and provided delegates with tangible music industry experiences and networking opportunities. In it’s 4th year, the annual conference includes other genres, but is catered towards urban music artists and professionals.

Their primary objective is to provide education and tools, as well as access to individuals to help Canadian artists and industry professionals develop their careers internationally. It’s truly amazing to see people in the Hip Hop community creating events like this that not only showcase the music, but peel back the complex layers of the music industry to help artists, mangers and others navigate with success.

D.O. Gibson is one of the creators of the summit. I had a chance to interview him before the event. Check out the interview here.

Northern Power Summit 2019 1
D.O. Gibson

Day 1 of the event kicked off at The Supermarket, with co-creator D.O. Gibson welcoming everyone and setting the stage for an incredible 2 days of music and insight.

Northern Power Summit 2
D’Eve Archer, Chris Atwell, Kathryn Hummel

There were some intriguing panel discussions. One specifically on tour life and how to thrive on the road so your physical, emotional and mental health are on point.

Northern Power Summit 2019 3
Chris “Deep” Henderson

Chris “Deep” Henderson spoke about what it takes to make a hit track. He touched on the hits that he has been a part of and how you can translate that to your music today.

Northern Power Summit 2019 4
Wanz, Chris “Deep” Henderson, Petey Paragon, John Walberg

John Walberg, Wanz, Chris Deep Henderson and Petey Paragon spoke about their experiences and answered questions from the inquisitive crowd.

The day wrapped up with some amazing artist performances.

Northern Power Summit 5
Northern Power Summit 2019 6
Northern Power Summit 2019 7
Northern Power Summit 2019 8
Alro Maverick
Northern Power Summit 2019 10
Northern Power Summit 2019 11
Mighty Rhino
Northern Power Summit 2019 12
Northern Power Summit 2019 13
Mickey O’Brien
Northern Power Summit 2019 14
M.O. Littles
Northern Power Summit 2019 15
Northern Power Summit 2019 16
JENNA Nation
Northern Power Summit 2019 17
Mo Moshiri
Northern Power Summit 2019 18
Northern Power Summit 2019 18
D.O. Gibson

Day 2 was another incredible day of music industry food for thought and performances. This day of events was held at Artscape Sandbox. D.O. Gibson set the tone for the day with positive vibes and hyped up the attendees for what was to be a memorable moment.

Northern Power Summit 2019 19
D.O. Gibson, Nicolas Bouchard, Kaya Pino, Andy Hawke

The first panel discussion was titled “Secure The Bag”, where Nicolas Bouchard, Kaya Pino and Andy Hawke spoke about how to monetize your music. They focused the discussion on the different revenue streams for artists, including publishing, sync, distribution and much more.

Northern Power Summit 2019 20
Chris “Deep” Henderson, Chris “Click” Cox, Chedo

The “Next Level” panel was hosted by The Come Up Show’s Chedo and with Chris “Deep” Henderson and David “Click” Cox. They talked about the elusive “hit track” and the steps you can take in order to make hit music. Is it the music? Is it promotion? Is it major label backing? These experts broke it down for the attendees.

Northern Power Summit 2019 20
John Walberg, Chris Atwell

John Walberg spoke to the crowd about his many years of music industry experience and answered their specific questions.

Northern Power Summit 2019 22
D.O. Gibson, Petey Paragon, Fresh Kils, Liana White

Next up was the “Road Warrior – Touring 101” panel. Petey Paragon, Fresh Kils and Liana White spoke about what the life of a touring artist really looks like. They spoke from the perspective of emerging artists who are looking to build their careers on the road.

Northern Power Summit 2019 23
D.O. Gibson, Sander Shalinksy

Sander Shalinky is a music industry lawyer and artist manager. He spoke about the industry from his unique perspective and answered questions as well.

Northern Power Summit 2019 24

GRAMMY award winner Wanz was the final keynote speaker at the Northern Power Summit. He talked about his many years in music, and how a chance encounter with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis got him featured on their hit track “Thrift Shop”. The common theme in his speech was to never give up. If you love music, don’t ever spot doing it. He took a chance and quit his job to pursue music full time when he was in his 50’s. Very inspirational.

I had a chance to interview Wanz prior to the event. Check out the interview here.

There were lots for performances throughout Day 2. Different styles, genres and vibes were represented from artist all over the US and Canada.

Northern Power Summit 2019 25
Dijah Payne
Northern Power Summit 2019 26
Yung LP
Northern Power Summit 2019 27
John Muirhead
Northern Power Summit 2019 28
Northern Power Summit 2019 29

The Norther Power Summit was a really great event. The mix of critical music industry knowledge, amazing performances and one of a kind networking opportunities made it the perfect balance of entertainment and knowledge. A big shout to D.O. Gibson, Preetam Sengupta and Chris Atwell for putting on a truly amazing event.

Make sure come out to Norther Power Summit next year!

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