Inside The Event – The Void: Resurgence

A collective of unique, passionate Hip Hop artists came together to perform at an intimate venue, Pacific Junction Hotel in Toronto. The venue may have been cozy but the energy level was high as each performance brought something different to the enthusiastic crowd.

A Guy Named Tye kicked off the night of artistry, taking the crowd through a journey through his perspective.


Oddssey came out and joined Tye for dope collab. They built off each other’s energy.


SMZ joined A Guy Named Tye for a vibrant performance, mixing it up with fans who were hanging onto each intricate rhyme.


Tye stepped off and SMZ carried the vibe and raised it to new levels with his genre bending styles and unique showmanship.


I was pleasantly surprised to see a freestyle cypher break out. A handful of dope emcees stepped up and did their thing. It’s all about the bars!


Odyssey came out after and kicked it into high gear with his boundless energy and stage presence.


Sabali teamed up with Odyssey to rock the crowd, hitting them with a one-two punch.


Sabali finished the night off with some exquisite lyricism. He commanded the crowd, getting them to ride along with his every word.


This was an amazing night of Hip Hop in a raw, passionate form. This collective is a force to be reckoned with. The transitions between the different performances were smooth. You can tell that this crew moves as a cohesive unit. The music was dope and vibe was right. Make sure you check out these artists live when you get the chance.

More pics below.

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