Inside The Event – Whose Got Next? Emerging Toronto Artists Perform

Whose Got Next Toronto 13

Toronto truly is a city with a bubbling Hip Hop scene that some may not know about. Of course Drake has the world’s ear but there is a lot of great music being created outside the realm of the mainstream. Hip Hop artist T Bai put together an event that showcased some emerging artists who are making an impact on the music scene in the city. The event had artists with a mix of vibes, who each brought their own ingredients to cook up something special.


Whose Got Next Toronto 2

Bexk Bexk kicked off the event with some elegant R&B sounds. She jumped off the stage and got up close and personal with the crowd who were loving her performance.


Whose Got Next Toronto 3

Lincoln Woods brought some fierce lyricism to the stage. He got the crowd hyped with his stage presence.


Whose Got Next Toronto 4

Lincoln brought up Haf n’ haf to perform one of their tracks together. You can really feel the cohesion between these two lyricists.


Whose Got Next Toronto 9

Racquel switched the style up with soulful vocals and some impressive raps. It was a cool blend of vibes.


Whose Got Next Toronto 11

Haf n’ haf rocked the stage increasing the energy with his sharp rhymes and smooth flow.


Whose Got Next Toronto 14

T Bai hopped on stage with Haf n’ haf before his set to perform a track that they collaborated on.


Whose Got Next Toronto 16

Illa Blessed kicked it up another level with his high energy sounds.


Whose Got Next Toronto 19

Percy Piffus did his thing on stage, taking the crowd to new heights.


Whose Got Next Toronto 20

T Bai joined Percy Piffus on stage so they could hit the thrilled crowd with a track they did together.


Whose Got Next Toronto 22

The main event, T Bai hit the stage to close out the night. DJ Palm Baker stepped out from behind the DJ  setup and picked up a guitar, playing along as T Bai let his impressive rhymes loose.

This was a dope event where I had the chance to experience pieces of the Toronto Hip Hop scene that are making original music and carving their own lane. These artists have a loyal fanbase that came out and rocked with them. I was surprised how much of the crowd was singing and rapping along to the music. It was also really cool to go to a show where so money of the artists make music together and could perform their music on stage. It really made the whole event flow seamlessly.

Shout out to T Bai for putting the event together and to all the artists that came out and made it a night of great music.

More pics below.

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