Introducing “7 In The 6ix” – What’s Poppin In The 6ix In The Next 7 Days”

7 In The 6ix

Hip Hop Authority is proud to bring to you “7 in The 6ix”. It’s a weekly publication where you can find out what’s happening in Toronto in regards to the Hip Hop culture. There are so many amazing events happening in the city and it can be hard to keep up with it all. “7 In The 6ix” is your go to spot to find out what’s poppin and where you can find it.

“7 In The 6ix” also represents the rich and thriving Hip Hop culture that Toronto exudes. From the music, whether it’s emcees, producers and DJs, art in the form of graffiti and other aspects, and dance, all elements of the Hip Hop culture are fully represented in this vibrant city. When you see the “7 In The 6ix” logo you will feel the strength, influence and significant contribution that Toronto has brought to the Hip Hop world now and in the future.

This is your chance to spread the word about Hip Hop events that are happening in and around Toronto. Let us know about concerts, shows, community events and anything else that is important to you regarding the Hip Hop culture.

Hit us up via email at for your suggestions or via social media:

Instagram – @hiphopauthority

Twitter – @HipHop_Auth

Or leave a comment below.

Thanks for your support and lets keep representing Toronto Hip Hop to the fullest!

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