J. Cole Drops New Track “Snow On The Bluff”

J. Cole Snow On Tha Bluff

J. Cole is a “less is more” type rapper, taking time and selectively choosing his releases. The wordsmith dropped a new track “Snow On The Bluff” which touches on the issues that members of the black community are currently and constantly facing.

He takes this on from the perspective of celebrities and the pubic. We are always asking if celebrities and other public figures are doing enough for the movement. This in turn makes people in positions like Cole to question themselves and turn inward for reflection. He admits that he is no smarter than anyone else on this subject, so asking more of people like him may be valid, but may not provide the positive results that you are looking for.

J. Cole has cleverly taken a topic that many have rapped about, and shed light on a different perspective that deserves some analysis. This is a complicated issue and we need to speak together about it, and what we all can do to make change.

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