Jay Electronica Releases New Album “A Written Testimony”

Jay Electronica A Written Testimony

Jay Electronica has had one of the most anticipated albums in the last 10 years. It’s been over 10 years since he started teasing and mentioning a debut album. Time had come and gone and people left the idea of a Jay Elec album on the shelf, just like Dre’s “Detox”.

After all the hype and expectation from fans, Jay Electronica has released his highly anticipated new album “A Written Testimony”. It has “official” features from Travis Scott and The-Dream, but has extensive contributions from the one and only Jay-Z.

The project plays out more like a Jay Electronica and Jay-Z collaboration. This must be a calculated move to keep Hov’s name officially off the credits. It is being viewed as “Watch The Throne 2”, or the second instalment of the Jay-Z super collab.

The project is very heavy with substance. Multiple meanings and coded talk are woven throughout the whole project. This is not an album for surface level listeners. The more you get into the lyrics and content, the more you will glean from this body of work.

As you may have expected, the beats are not radio-ready and do not take much from the current sound that has gripped the mainstream. You’ll find raw, gritty samples chopped up and looped with the essence of the culture in strong consideration.

Make sure you take in this project and immerse yourself in it. I think there’s much more to discover, than meets the ear initially.

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