Joyner Lucas Releases Jaw Dropping Track & Video For “I’m Not Racist”

Joyner Lucas has released a new track and video for “I’m Not Racist”. He tackles the racism subject head on, rhyming through the perspectives of a white person and a black person. Joyner spends half of the track on each viewpoint. Both characters say they are not racist and go into detail about what they see as wrong with the other’s race. The beat isĀ stripped down which gives his lyrics more of an impact. Joyner beams with emotion and passion as both perspectives are showcased eloquently. He uses his lyrical skill to take us deep into the psyche of people that we may or may not relate to. It’s been a long time since I felt the impact of a track this much. The video enhances the message beautifully. This is a must listen track and a must watch video.

Peep it.

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