Just Blaze Kills It On The Turntables

Super producer Just Blaze is well know for his work with Jay Z and many emcees on the former Rocafella label. Just like many producers, he is a DJ as well and currently performs. He came through Funk Flex’s “5 Minutes of Funk” where DJs step into his world and get their mix on.

Just Blaze mixes a eclectic mix of throwback tracks from the 1970’s and 1980’s. These songs are the foundation of Hip Hop as they were sampled many times over and used in lots of Hip Hop songs. He takes us on a history lessen with each scratch and each mix. I love to see the art of turntablism alive and well. Two turntables and scratching is a part of Hip Hop that I love. Seeing DJs like Q-Bert, Babu, Roc Radia, Rob Swift, Jazzy Jeff and many others inspired me to not only become a DJ but to embrace the turntables as an instrument to scratch and create on a different level.

Just Blaze has serious skills on the turntables. Shout out to Funk Flex for keeping DJs and turntablism in the forefront.

Peep it.

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