Justo The MC & The Lost Info Release New Album “Epiphany: The Lost Project”

Brooklyn’s Justo The MC & Toronto production team The Lost Info have linked up on a new album “Epiphany: The Lost Project”. Justo The MC brings his slick rhymes and clever wordplay to the equation, while The Lost Info hit you with classic sounds with a new twist. Justo touches on various topics, boasting and flexing his braggadocios muscles in some instances and getting personal in others. This wide range of lyrical skill and content is perfect for the heavy drums and infectious melodies that The Lost Info graciously provide. On the production side, The Lost Info uses current sonic methods at times to ignite the fire that the classics invoke. It’s hard to have a foot in both worlds but they do it well, garnering the respect they deserve.

The chemistry is evident between all four. It’s hard to believe that this is their first project together.

This album is something you definitely will want to check out. This is Hip Hop at it’s finest.

You can listen and purchase the LP at www.lostinfomusic.com.

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