Koolie Releases New Track “Racks In Line”

Koolie Racks In Line

Koolie released a new track “Racks In Line”. He beautifully displays his Caribbean roots and Hip Hop influence. His time spent in the Caribbean, New York and Miami create a fusion of Hip Hop and reggae. There are a lot of artists trying to pull this off and Koolie proves he’s one of the few who can.

This skillful artist has an airy, abrasive tone that sharply sets him apart from the field. He glides over the catchy flute melody coupled with snapping drums.

He is supremely confident in his skills, knowing that his hard work will result in continued success. He deserves the spoils of his relentless progress. 

Koolie has the confidence and knowledge of self to make music that he is passionate about, ignoring the waves that other artists are on and creating something truly unique.

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