Logic Drops New Album “No Pressure” Before Stepping Into Retirement

Logic No Pressure

Logic has released what he says is his final album as he will be retiring after this. The last chapter is titled “No Pressure”. There are 15 tracks on the project with Logic taking care of most of the verses on this body of work. No I.D. produced all the tracks, so it has a cohesive feel with classic sounds bursting throughout. It’s been 6 years since No I.D. and Logic connected, and it’s a welcomed reunion.

In my opinion, I don’t think this will be his last album. Someone with a passion for rapping like him won’t set down the mic forever. It could be years down the road, but I can’t think of any rappers that truly retired. Maybe this was a way to be released from his contractual obligations. He said he wants to focus on being a father and I can absolutely respect that.

If this ends up being a true farewell, then I hope he said everything he wants to on this one. I anticipate that he filled this project with layers and complexity so that it can live on and fans can get more out of it from each listen.

Farewell Bobby, and all the best.

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