Logic Drops New Track & Video For “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind”

Logic Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind Video

Logic Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind Video

Logic is back with a new track “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind”. The Maryland rapper gets deeply introspective, allowing us into his whirlwind mind. The track expresses vulnerability as he touches on the negative things that he hears about himself and how it impacts him. His reaction to these situations is explained as well, including self medication.

Logic uses a speedy flow which shows how is mind is racing with many thoughts swirling around, waiting to be expressed.

He’s announced that he will be releasing a new album “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind”. No release date has been announced.

There’s a video as well for the track where Logic stands alone in front of a black background with a bleeding gash in his neck that gets bloodier and bloodier. Cool video.

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