Logic Releases Soundtrack For His New Novel “Supermarket”

Logic Supermarket

If you listen to Logic’s music you know that he has a lot of interests outside of Hip Hop. Writing appears to be one of these passions, as the rapper has put on this author hat and written a novel. The title is “Supermarket” and it showcases the life of a character named Flynn and situations that he encounters.

The soundtrack is a mix of genres, with some acoustic rock and R and B in addition to Hip Hop. He raps and sings, creating a different sonic experience that people are not used to. He collaborated with Canadian singer-songwriter Mac Demarco on some of the tracks.

Logics is branching out into different things and expanding his creativity into new realms. Years ago, you could only find a small group of people in Hip Hop with aspirations outside of the genre like Jay Z and the Rocafella crew, Master P and Diddy. This stance was reserved for those with big time success and money. Now it is almost typical to see rappers involved in other businesses early in their career. Things have definitely changed.


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