Logic Leaks Title To His Next Album, And It Will Make You Think


Maryland emcee extraordinaire Logic is working hard, trying to keep his fans well fed with music. When you are as skilled as he is and have the popularity he does, it can be hard to keep people satisfied. His last release “Bobby Tarantino” was a pleasant surprise for fans after he dropped “The Incredible True Story” back in November of 2015.

We don’t know exactly when his next LP will be released but it will be sometime in 2017 (hopefully sooner than later). Even without a release date he has announced that the title will be “AfricAryaN”. I’ll give you a minute to digest this and figure out what you just read… The title is a combination of “African” and “Aryan”. You may have heard “Aryan” in terms of Hitler describing the pure German race. That’s what I thought when I heard it. Yes, Logic is going there.

He announced this in an interview on Dan Harmon’s Harmontown podcast. He breaks the album and it’s title down as a conceptual project based on the fact that humanity started in Africa. I think it also has a dual meaning because both white and black are a part of him. Logic may look more Aryan than African but he is the product of a black father and a white mother. People make such a big deal about Logic’s race and I think this is a way to address this. He did not mention his race at all on his first album “Under Pressure” and it looks like he will be digging deeper into this and the topic of race in his next album.

For 26 years old, Logic can get deep, and he is not afraid to add social consciousness to his lyrics. This title will no doubt get a lot of people talking about it, but he has the skill, wisdom and thoughtfulness to really open up a conversion about this topic. It’s great to see younger emcees add more to Hip Hop than materialism, sex and other aspects of life that may cause fans to go down a wrong path.

I’m looking forward hear more about this upcoming project.

What do you think about the album title? How far do you think Logic will go on this sensitive topic? Will he go to the lengths of a groups like “Dead Prez” or “Public Enemy”?

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