M.O. Littles Releases New Video For “Tables Turn” With DRU & Young Stitch

M.O. Littles DRU Young Sntich Tables Turn Video

M.O. Littles released a new video for his dope track “Tables Turn” with DRU and Young Snitch. M.O. Littles and Young Stitch deliver sharp verses with DRU holding down the hook with his signature smooth vocals.

The track speaks on the trials and tribulations of relationships, specifically how things can change in a blink of an eye. They drill down on situations where you are there emotionally for someone and when the “Tables Turn” and you need that same support, it is nowhere to be found. They want no part of these types of relationships although passion can pull you in.

The video has images showcasing the passion and enjoyment of dating, with backdrops of various Toronto landmarks, and these men speaking their truths.

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