Manifesto 11 House Party

The good people at Manifesto kicked off last week’s Manifesto 11 Festival with the Manifesto 11 House Party. Their aim was to create a house party vibe with different experiences in different parts of the venue.

It went down The Drake Hotel in Toronto. The buzz was heavy on the outside as people anxiously waited to get into the house party.

The main floor room was on fire from start to finish with various DJs doing their thing, mixing old school jams and current bangers. This was a turn up vibe with the energy at level 10 the whole time.

The basement was where you found a more grassroots vibe. The live band and improvisational group “Practice” did their thing incorporating saxophones, keyboards, drums, and guitars to create their unique sound. The mic was open so singers and rappers came up from the crowd and added vocals throughout the night. Shad made a surprise appearance and blessed the crowd with some rhymes.


The rooftop patio was the last spot to enjoy. DJs played different genres to a hyped crowd of dancers and party lovers.

Shout out to Manifesto for putting together an amazing event. Three distinct vibes in one party. They really brought the house party feel to the 6ix.

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