MC Bravado Speaks On The Female Experience With “Unfiltered”

MC Bravado has released a new track titled “Unfiltered”. The track is full of features with Nitty Scott MC, Real Deal and Time Police adding verses. The emcees bring their different perspectives on the female experience in today’s world. They speak on how women are treated, the unfair image expectations and other issues that many women face daily. There is a lot of male dominance in Hip Hop and the lyrical content can reflect this in negative ways. It’s great to hear Hip Hop artists shed light on the struggles women have, especially from both male and female perspectives.

Production came from EP of the Doppelgangaz, who used a minimalist beat, wrapping a piano around some classic Hip Hop drums. DJ Moose Jaw provides some razor sharp cuts to finish off the track.

Check it out on Soundcloud.

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