MNFSTO10 Day 9 Concert: Anderson .Paak, Kaytranado & More

MNFSTO10 was an amazing 10 day event of Hip Hop, music, art, dance DJing, summits, live performances and a lot more. This event was created to celebrate 10 years of the community group MNFSTO and their strong contributions the Toronto community and other areas. The 9th day of the event showcased an amazing concert headlined by the West coast protege of Dr. Dre, Anderson .Paak.

It was held at Echo Beach by the lakeshore in Toronto. It was my first time at this outdoor venue so I didn’t know what to expect. It was raining most of the day so I was expecting it to be a wet one. It’s beach so there’s a large part of the venue that is sand. There is grass further to the back as well. It wasn’t raining too hard when I got there so I was hoping it would at least not get any worse.

Echo Beach

Shortly after getting there, Toronto artist Daniel Caesar took the stage and almost like mother nature was doing us a favor, the sun peaked out of the clouds and the rain stopped. Caesar is a young artist with a distinctive sound. Similar to the city he is from, his style is a mix of many. RnB, and Soul leaped out me at he when he played guitar and sang along with this band. He has a smooth, relaxed vibe but still gives you that energy to move.

Daniel Caesar

Next was Montreal producer and DJ Kaytranado. You could tell that the crowd couldn’t wait to hear him live. He has an electronic music sound but adds some Hip Hop and RnB to it, making something truly original. He spun a mix of his original songs and others. The crowd really knows his music. They were really vibing to it, singing most of the words. Kaytranado would get on the mic form time to time getting the crowd to dance but he mainly stayed busy mixing. The crowd really responded when he mixed in “All Night” by Chance the Rapper. Later in his set he played his track “Glowed Up” and Anderson .Paak came on stage without any warning and did his parts of the song. This was our first sight of Anderson all night so this immediately got the crowd even more live. Kaytranado his a dope producer and DJ. I really enjoyed his set. Check out his music on Spotify and see him live.


Last but obviously not least was Anderson .Paak. He got the crowd to a new high right from the jump with “Come Down”. The energetic bass melody had everyone moving. He switched up from performing with just a mic, to jumping on the drums and getting down with his band “The Free Nationals”. The energy he brought was incredible. You could not only hear the passion, but you could feel it as well. He took time to interact directly with the crowd keeping us involved the whole way. It gave the feeling of a more personal experience with the Cali artist even though you’re in the middle of a crowd of 6,000 screaming fans. Outdoor concerts have an 11:00PM curfew in the 6ix, but Anderson stretched it out a bit further giving his fans a little more for their money. Anderson .Paak and the “The Free Nationals” put on amazing show. Anderson’s is very talented musically and he shares this in his live show. His passion and energy is contagious. Make sure you see him live if he is in a city near you.

Anderson .Paak

MNFSTO10 Day 9 was an amazing night of live music. The different artists made it a cool mix of different vibes that went well together. Shout out to MNFSTO for putting on a dope event.

For more about the MNFSTO movement check out their site

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