Myer Clarity & Boney Washington Drop New Revolution Inciting Track “i4Ni”

Myer Clarity x Boney Washington i4Ni

Myer Clarity and Boney Washington connected on a new track “i4Ni”. This is a strong revolution inciting track that will drive you to take action. They speak on the violence and injustice that the black community is facing. This track is not meant to simply shed light on this situation, but to drive you to take action in your own communities to make change. Now is the time for action, and talk is cheap.

The beat, produced by Myer has an aggressive militant feel, coupled with the sounds and socially conscious influences of Rage Against The Machine. Both emcees use this dope beat to express how these issues affect them and the community around them. Holding nothing back, these wordsmiths take shots at all those responsible. No one is safe from their wrath.

All proceeds from the streaming of this track are going to The Innocence Project Canada. These men are literally putting their money where their mouths are, so support this track that is contributing to making our world a better place.

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