Myer Clarity Releases “One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together”

Myer Clarity One Day I'll Get My Shit Together

Myer Clarity released a two-track project “One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together”. He created, as he describes it, a “Digital 45”, which I think is very clever. It brings us back to the days of records and physical copies, surrounding you with the nostalgic feeling of musical fandom. The tracks are titled “One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together” and “Mood”.

On “One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together”, Myer speaks on the fine art of procrastination that we are all experts at. We’ve all had that thing (or many things) the we keep pushing away that we will eventually get to. He skillfully shares that we all do this, so don’t point fingers at others who don’t have their shit together. At the same time, there is a tone of empathy, where you don’t have to feel down and punish yourself mentally over it. Take it day by day.

The sultry horns add another layer of texture to the production, creating something truly unique.

On “Mood”, Myer wraps you in a feeling of frustration and hostility, lyrically lashing out at those plotting his demise and taking actions to inhibit his progress. You can’t be positive all the time, and sometimes you need to vent and let out whatever you’re feeling.

This project has Myer beautifully capturing two very different, but complimentary mental states that we all go through. Putting them side by side on one release gives the listener a chance to encounter both and pull from their own personal experiences, making it very relatable.

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