New Track From Dezert Eez Ft. Skyzoo “Diamond Runnaz”

Rap group Dezert Eez released an album titled “Late Night Cognac Sessions” a couple of days ago. They have a track with Skyzoo on it called “Diamond Runnaz”.

The bass guitar has a jazzy feel to it, and sets the vibe of the track. It has a vintage New York feel, with the beat and lyrics. Skyzoo brings his cool flow and smooth lyrics, mixing well with the production from Musikal.

Check out the cover art for the album and track list.

You can get it at their bandcamp site.


  1. Midnight Sunz
  2. High Beamz
  3. Cadillac Seatz
  4. Sunset Lane
  5. Diamond Runnaz Feat. Skyzoo
  6. Black Karpet
  7. Rolex Dreamin’ Feat Talib Kweli
  8. Oceanz
  9. Kerosene Lamps Feat. Bronze Nazareth
  10. Fresh Airs Feat. Lady B

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