Oddisee Releases New Album “Odd Cure”

Oddisee Odd Cure

Oddisee is back with a new album “Odd Cure”. As you may have thought, this is a timely and current reflection of our lives in the COVID era. Not much time is wasted, as the thematic vein of the project is established, when Oddisee speaks with his father in Sudan over the phone and they discuss how it is effecting them in their different locales. It really sets the tone for the album and gets you thinking from the jump.

The project is 11 tracks long with features from Oliver St. Louis, Sainte Ezekiel, Priya Ragu and Ralph Real. Included in the 11 are skits, which are conversations with friends and family touching on their experiences in their communities surrounding COVID. A very cool addition to support his theme.

Oddisee created another solid project with his unique sound, wrapped around a cohesive theme that is as relevant as ever.

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