Ramone Grams Releases New Track & Video For “TSG Spun Him”

Ramone Grams TSG Spun Him

South London rapper Ramone Grams has released a new track and video for “TSG Spun Him”. In this track, he takes on the issue of police brutality. The UK is no stranger to unnecessary aggression from those that are supposed to protect them, similar to the US and Canada.

The lyricist opens the curtain on the South London experience from his unique perspective. Booming drums and some subtle West coast elements are the background for this reality rap. He speaks on the streets and it’s impact on himself and those like him.

For those that don’t know, TSG or Territorial Support Group are a particularly aggressive branch of the London Metropolitan Police.

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The experience of getting spun (arrested) by the TSG  is a lot worse for citizens than getting stopped by a police car. A scene can often become like a war zone. They are like violent robots as they make their arrests.

Ramone Grams has substance to his music, using Hip Hop to tell his story and inform the masses.

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