Redman Drops New Track & Visuals For “Black Man In America” Ft. Pressure

Redman Ft Pressure Black Man In America

Legendary emcee Redman has released a new track with accompanying visuals that shed light on an issue plaguing America. It is titled Black Man In America and features Pressure.

The Brick City rapper skillfully raps about being a back man in America from his unique perspective.

The video shows vivid images of what minorities are experiencing in today’s America. Various forms of racism are displayed in a shocking, in your face way. Redman directed the video as well.

Pressure adds some dancehall style vocals, creating another layer of texture to the track. 

Redman raps:

This black man made it in America. Can you believe how I did it? I had faith and God as my witness. I couldn’t just be an artist, I had to learn the business.

More from Redman on the track and video:

The world and media inspired this video,

As an artist I felt it was a responsibility to shine the light on some of these subjects shown in my video. We living in a day and time where Internet and media rules and the outcome of that is more self destruction and racial tension.

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